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Meet Esther, 

— Esther Verwoord

"Wat zou de wereld anders zijn moesten we onszelf en elkaar van trauma verlossen!"

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"I developed Dharmahart to let everyone experience how to throw away the chains of old pain to create a life full of magic!"


— Esther Verwoord

"Imagine, how different the world
would be if we could give ourselves permission to be totally free. Intellectually, emotionally and physically."

55 years old. Has a body-oriented practice for awareness and trauma for over 10 years. Calls it Dharmahart.

(In short: To find your life's bliss and then go and do it.)

Lives with husband Bart and 3 children on a green spot in Flemish Brabant. Intuitive, empathetic, direct. Asks difficult questions about things you forget to mention. Continues where you would usually stop. 

Husband Bart is also a body-oriented coach and therapist, yet from another discipline. Together they organize activities 'to get out of the head and into the body'. When our incessant thinking stops, we can find a deeper connection with 'the original pieces of ourselves'. Body and mind are invited with game, movements, soft touch, music, imagination, etc. to let go of the known and embrace the unknown. 


What unfolds is pure magic!

As a therapist & coach I base myself on knowledge of the philosophy of the old yogis, 'life coaches avant la lettre'. They practiced a complete and powerful path of 8 ways to live your life.

What is true? What's right?
How do I handle my relationships?
How do I care my body?

How do I get my head quieter?

How do I handle nasty thoughts?

How do I find fulfillment?

What is my personal life goal?

How do I get self-love?

Many people ask me these kinds of questions.

I'll help them find the answers. They come from our deepest being. Where our thinking stops.

Contact me

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It may take some time but I will get back to you!

Your personal information is safe. 

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