Meet Esther, 

— Esther Verwoord

"Wat zou de wereld anders zijn moesten we onszelf en elkaar van trauma verlossen!"

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"I developed the Dharmahart Sessions
to give everyone the opportunity
to free themselves from the ties of our past and create a life with 100% satisfaction, love and meaning.”

"Imagine, how different the world
would be if we could give ourselves permission to be totally free. Intellectually, emotionally and physically."

Esther has been teaching yoga and meditation for over 20 years. Both disciplines are intensively practiced and form the basis of the way in which she works. First come back into the body, only then can we get started with our head! Only from a relaxed state of being can you learn new things.

Her specialization is trauma and the paralyzing effect that bad events from the past can have on your development as a person.
Esther is experience expert and she has become convinced that no one is chained to his bad experiences 'for life'. In fact, trauma can make us more complete as humans, if properly guided and supported. When you learn to grow through your bad experiences yourself, your self-confidence gets a huge boost and you become an inspiration for others to do the same.

When you heal yourself, you heal the world.
Before you can allow this idea, you must first have the experience that it is possible. For this, Esther developed the Dharmahart Sessions. Short and long trajectories to heal the emotional wounds of trauma and to find and reconcile the lost pieces of yourself. To discover the power of self-regulation and learn the tools to do it.

Esther is 53 years old and has been a yoga teacher and counselor/trauma coach for over 20 years. Since 2012, she has been living with her husband Bart, Body worker,  shiatsu teacher and freediver, and her 3 children in a beautiful place in Testelt. Esther is intuitive, empathetic and direct. She asks unusual questions in an everyday way and continues where you usually stop. She does not shy away from any low point, because she knows from experience that the source of the pain is also the source of 'the solution'. This creates new, unconventional paths of insight and awareness and also creates practical tools to take the first step towards the change you would like to see for yourself in life.


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